Tutorial: Customize Harley Davidson with C-Garage

Four steps for a unique ride: Your Ride

1. Select Your Part

Select a part from the C-Garage Shop

2. Select Design & Customize

Select a design of your choice and customize your part

3. Add to cart

Add your customized part to cart

4. Fill Details & Checkout

Fill order details and checkout

1. Select Your Part

You can select your favorite part from the shop. Make sure that you check if the part is compatible with your Harley Davidson looking at the Description on each product page.

2. Select Design and Customize

You can customize your Harley Davidson part by choosing exclusive designs from C-Garage Artists or images selected for you by C-Garage team. If you want you can also customize by writing your favorite sentence, word, letter or number. When customizing your part please consider the following guidelines to ensure the best customization results.


C-Garage Customization Guidelines



3. Add to Cart

Check the product preview and add to chart your customized part


4. Fill Details & Checkout

Finalize order details and proceed with Checkout. C-Garage team will customize your part and send to you as soon as possible!

You can find more guidance in this short tutorial: